6:30 Dance Lessons

Sept 11 Hung Up - Peter
Sept 18 Hung Up  - Peter
Sept 25 Imelda's Way - Monica
             I Kissed A Girl - Ed
             Samba Line - Monica
Oct 2    And Get It On (I) - Monica

Oct 7th Broken Sky Band - Oly Elks Lodge- Partner dance lesson at 7:00 p.m. $10pp
5-8 P.M. Café 186 serving prime rib dinner $15

Oct 9    And Get It On - Monica
Oct 16  It Ain't My Fault (B) - Ed
Oct 23  It Ain't My Fault - Ed
Oct 30  Review Night

Oct 31  Early Bird Registration for the November 11th West Coast Swing Boot
Camp is due (see flier below)

(B)  = Beginner
(I)   = Intermediate
(A)  = Advanced
(C)  = Couples
Note:  Lessons from 8:00-8:30 are high intermediate/advanced.

Shanghai Surprise
Class Cancellation Policy -  If weather conditions cause closure of schools/churches and/or the Elks Lodge, lessons will be cancelled.  Call the Elks Lodge at 360-753-0186 or 360-352-8933.

Peter teaching Come Dance with Me 
Have a dance you'd like taught?

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Classes are set up with different dance abilities in mind.  We try to ensure that there is a mix of beginning, beyond beginning and intermediate level classes available.  If you wish to challenge yourself by taking a higher skill level class, go for it, but be aware that the material being taught may be more complicated than you are used to.

Beginning:  Minimal or no prior knowledge of the dance.  Basic footwork, framework, timing, and lead/follow techniques are taught.  

Beyond Beginning or Beginning +:  Some prior knowledge and experience with the dance.  More of the basic footwork, framework, timing and lead/follow techniques are taught.  It is assumed the dancer is comfortable with the basic timing and concepts of the dance.

Intermediate:  Understanding of basic rhythm, timing, technique, foot positions, and common movements is assumed.  The instructor will not cover the basic timing and will build on your previous knowledge and patterns.  In lead/follow classes some time may be devoted to technique, execution and styling.

Intermediate/Advanced:  Dancers should be more proficient with timing, common dance patterns and concepts than intermediate level.  It is assumed the dancer can perform intermediate patterns with correct footwork, timing and partnership.  More complex patterns will be taught allowing the dancer to "play" with the music and the partnership.

Step sheets for some of the dances taught prior to January 2017 may be found here: